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Phillip Lowe is magnificent as Edward. He wins us over heart and soul right from the beginning with an endearing performance that feels utterly authentic whether he’s playing Edward as a young man or nearing the end of his life. -  Limelight

"Not too often can you honestly say that a smaller independent production of a musical is undeniably better than a full-scale Broadway production, but Big Fish at the Hayes Theatre has surely got to be one of those times” - The AU Review

Witty, immersive and polished to a rough diamond... It's not going out on a limb to say Calamity Jane will be among the most fun experiences you'll have in a theatre this year.” - Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

Gay is astonishing in the title role... Almost certainly the funniest show the Hayes has ever produced.” - Ben Neutze, Daily Review

“Thrilling!” ... “brilliantly realised” ... “If you can get a ticket: do it now “ - Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

“towering performance”... “vividly performed” ... “excellent” - Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

"a terrifically energetic, focused and charismatic cast” - Australian Arts Review

"MACK & MABEL is a must see, filled with emotion, joy, sadness, hope and heartache, iconic songs sung by some fine performers and creative choreography” - Broadway World

"Angelique Cassimatis and Scott Irwin lead the company beautifully in the title roles and find plenty of chemistry between them. Irwin’s broad and warm baritone leads the audience through this story in both song and monologue, and his whole performance resonates with a deep sense of
regret and love.” - Daily Review

Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland get absolutely everything right as Daisy and Violet. They move and sing as one so successfully it’s difficult to believe they haven’t been joined at the hip for most of their lives. While they’re entirely different people — Daisy yearns for fame and success, Violet yearns for peace and a family — there are moments in which they entirely blend into one, particularly when they sing in unison. … Bunting and Greenland tear
the roof off the theatre.” - Daily Review

Blue Saint Productions delivers another beautifully crafted, passionate rollercoaster of emotions with SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD. Director Luke Joslin has gathered a superb team to interpret Jason Robert Brown's challenging songs that tug at the heartstrings and elicit roars of laughter in turn.
Beautifully presented by a strong cast that understand the underlying meaning of the songs to deliver them with the right tone and sensitivity, Blue Saint Productions have delivered another stand out performance that should not be missed. – Jade Kops, Broadway World

Deftly directed by Shaun Rennie, the Hayes Theatre Co production boasts a cast of gifted comic actors who capture the wry, bittersweet humour of the piece so that it is charming but not too cutesy.

Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph


Any Australian with a passing interest in musical theatre knows that the Hayes Theatre Company, in their 110-seat Kings Cross venue, has quickly become one of the most significant forces for advancing the musical art form in this country.

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

A musical theatre revolution is coming, and its home is the Hayes Theatre.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

Olga Solar's score, which incorporates elements of film jazz, barstool balladry, torch song and beguine, is played with warm finesse by a four-piece combo led by pianist Michael Tyack

Sydney Morning Herald


Rap rhythms, jazz moods and smooth 1950s ballads go down easily and the laughs come think and fast if you’re partial to a pun

The Australian


★★★★★  Little Shop of Horrors has always been a crowd-pleaser.  But this sensational production raises it to fresh heights.

Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph

★★★★★  Watching this show feels like a discovery, or a reaffirmation; to be reminded why musical theatre matters, to be assured that musicals are a difficult, exhilarating art. And all this from a campy cult classic. What magic.

Cassie Tounge, The Guardian

The two young leading players – Bobbie-Jean Henning as Luisa and Jonathan Hickey as Matt – are charming, interesting finds. Henning’s clear top notes lend the production an authenticity and sweetness it would not have had without her; Hickey’s guileless performance is endearing

 Aussie Theatre

Butel's production is tightly staged and flows smoothly throughout

Sam Dodemaide shines in a title role of considerable complexity. Her multi-faceted performance makes Violet's journey to self-acceptance feel engagingly bumpy and less predictable than it might otherwise be.

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald

Comedy fizzes… Amy Lehpamer is a funny, effervescent Tracy
 Sydney Morning Herald

Blissful… The cast is classy from top to bottom.
Lehpamer looks a million dollars, and is a greatly gifted, all-singing all-dancing comedian. Virginia Gay gives a performance that should have music-theatre fans rushing to see it... She is smart, witty and heartbreaking.

The Australian


...this is a compelling production of a play crammed with insights into the nature of art and artistry, and that, especially in Callas' exchanges with Sharon, makes the chrysalis-like awakening of understanding a most affecting experience.
John Shand, SMH

Loud and proud and utterly shameless... When the direction is this exciting and the musical has been perfectly cast there's plenty to enjoy.
Ben Neutze, Daily Review

Reviewing The Situation

Scott creates an endearing character with a ready wit, who sees how and where it all went wrong but accepts the situation without bitterness

Jo Litson, Scene and Heard


Featuring classic love songs from artists includingWhitney Houston, Aerosmith, Lionel Ritchie,Michael Bolton, Kiss ,Cyndi Lauper,Leonard Cohenand more, Dedications - Starring John O'Hara is a love affair you'll never regret.

Jade Kops, Broadway World


Little Diana and the Big Fuzz

Bree Langridgeis an exceedingly charming performer

She inhabits the whole stage, strutting and dancing like a rock star, sometimes to deafening effect.

Rebecca Whitton, Australian Stage Online

Perhaps the best thing about the show is its embrace of movement, dance, and multimedia storytelling
Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

It’s so satisfying and rare to see a piece of musical theatre done so well, which makes Dogfight a genuine must-see. This is amongst the best work to come out of the Hayes in its short life — it’s certainly the most confident

Ben Neutze, Daily Review


Dogfight entertains generously, satisfies emotionally, and for once you can watch a musical derived from a film and not know exactly what's going to happen

Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald


Cole is beguiling, capturing Rose’s vulnerability and gaucheness (helped by Elizabeth Franklin’s excellent costuming), but also her spiritedness and humour, while her pure voice suits the character’s innocence perfectly

Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph

…operatic soprano-turned cabaret rockstar who never fails to deliver warmth, honesty and impossibly high musical standards.

Ben Neutze, Daily Review

One of the best bio-cabarets I’ve seen in a long time

Jo Litson, Scene and Heard

Hit his mark from the opening scene

4.5 out of 5 stars

Victor Kline, ArtsHub

It is a warm, honest performance that really works in this intimate venue

Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers


This small piece of theatre works perfectly in the intimate, dark setting of the Hayes

Maunder performs the songs with integrity and a clear passion for their twists and turns, which is absolutely infectious, It serves as a brilliant reminder as to just how great Berlin’s music really is

Ben Neutze, Daily Review


We’ve known for some time that Lucy Maunder possesses a stunning musical theatre voice, now, by turns sultry, cheeky and comic, and with wonderful phrasing, she proves herself an utterly engaging cabaret artiste

Accompanied with flair by pianist Isaac Hayward, the late night interaction as he gets his 'turn' lets him really cut loose too

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers

There's talent to burn in the cast – Bobby Fox, Helen Dallimore, Michael Cormick and Christy Sullivan

Helen Dallimore's Mrs Johnstone is the heart and soul of the show, as she should be. From vivacious teen to careworn mother of eight, she's terrific. Her biting Easy Terms is a highlight

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


A sobering, sad and amazingly satisfying way to end a great night out

Fresh, poignant and confronting

Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

The domestic scale of Next to Normal is more suited to a small venue such as the Hayes, and this production, an import from the Geelong-based company Doorstep Arts, does it considerable justice.
Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald


The score keeps the pace flowing and the lyrics are detailed and clever. The performers show the depth of their skill and understanding of the work in presenting songs that naturally fit and the transitions between speech and vocals are seemless."

This production of Next to Normal is a must see. It tackles important issues whilst being a moving and very entertaining piece that everyone can connect to on some level. 

Jade Kops, Broadway World

A wonderful piece of musical theatre that draws the audience into a well-crafted Edwardian era murder mystery. It is a treat that this new work is making its premiere at the intimate space of Hayes Theatre in Sydney

All 8 performers are strong both with their singing voices and their overall performances


It has something for everyone, a wonderful score, multilayered mystery, love stories, humour and emotional twists

Jade Kops, Broadway World

Butel sprinkles the show with abundant charm as he spins a sunrise-to-sunrise cycle of songs

The other ace up his sleeve is even rarer among cabaret performers than charm: he takes risks

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Miracle City feels fresh, heartbreaking and genuinely surprising… Director Darren Yap has assembled an astonishing cast… to hear their voices swell up in the tiny surrounds of the Hayes Theatre is spine-tingling at times. The overall effect is exhilarating… Miracle City is a towering achievement

Polly Simons, The Daily Telegraph  

Director Darren Yap (for Luckiest Productions) has assembled an ideal cast… It is Best who must rise to the challenge of becoming the dramatic pivot, and she does so brilliantly and bravely.

This born-again piece of musical theatre is dazzlingly entertaining.

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

A real crowd-pleasing show that manages to be hilarious one moment and heartbreaking the next

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

Filled with joy
Shaun Rennie reminds local audiences of his versatility in no uncertain terms

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers

The show fizzes with hilarious one-liners
Musical director and accompanist Mathew Frank has rearranged all the hit songs as cabaret numbers for solo piano – and they work astonishingly well
The musically spare arrangements put a focus on the lyrics, which fit seamlessly within the structure of the show
Whelan Browne is sublime. Her comic timing is immaculate and she sings superbly, while totally inhabiting the role
Hilarious yet terribly poignant, Britney Spears: The Cabaret is a stunning show. What’s more, it sits perfectly in the intimate Hayes Theatre. Don’t miss it

Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph

If you want to see some exhilarating tap dancing then look no further than The Tap Pack.
A great show
With a smoking six-piece band led by musical director Michael Dench on keyboards, the music is hot
Brown delivers some strong vocals
The show ends on a high as the boys bust out their best moves to finish with a spectacular, extended tap routine that sends the audience home happy

Jo Litson, The SundayTelegraph

The book is lively and McCann is fearless and the music lands just right in the Hayes theatre space. The show is a light, bright, treat.

It's a really strong marriage of both idea and laughs, and it’s evidence of the tight, impressive writing in the piece.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

Tim Freedman’s song …not only are they beautiful with lovely melodies and lyrics that ring emotionally true but they have a strong sense of narrative character

Produced and directed by Neil Gooding for Hayes Theatre Co, the production is extremely well staged in the intimate venue

The Band led by musical director Andrew Worboys is terrific and the songs are great

Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph

Directed by Jay James-Moody (who has cast himself very effectively as Man in Chair) this is a lively, impressively sung and sparky production studded with spoofy and sparkling turns.

Hilary Cole shines

Brett O'Neill is Astaire-smooth

Laurence Coy is an ideal Feldzieg… and is excellently partnered by Jaimie Leigh Johnson as Kitty

Jason Blake ,The Sydney Morning Herald

Verity Hunt-Ballard is gorgeous as Charity, capturing her kookiness, sweetness, sunny optimism and vulnerability.

Worboys' terrific new musical arrangements and Tim Chappel's sexy costuming heighten the contemporary vibe perfectly.

Bryant has dirtied the show up giving it a grittiness that makes it feel more current.

It's a radiant, endearing performance; sensationally sung and danced, with knockout comic timing.

Andrew Hallsworth has done a fantastic job of choreographing distinctive, tight ­little movements and numbers, while his slightly surrealistic twist on the Rich Man's Frug routine in the nightclub scene works a treat.

Martin Crewes plays Charlie, Vittorio and Oscar and ­delineates them with wonderfully detailed performances.

Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph