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Deftly directed by Shaun Rennie, the Hayes Theatre Co production boasts a cast of gifted comic actors who capture the wry, bittersweet humour of the piece so that it is charming but not too cutesy.

Jo Litson, Sunday Telegraph


Laura Murphy shines hard as Charlie's perky sister Sally…her defiant My New Philosophy – delivered with recognisably Schulzian gestures – is one the evening's brighter musical highlights.

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


Mike Whalley’s Charlie - the gorgeous beating heart of the piece… somehow manages to turn his tall, grown-up self into the very essence of a lovely little boy who knows there are lots of things he’s not good at but keeps on trying anyway… It would be a very hard heart that did not love him, and this production, to bits.

Deborah Jones, The Australian


The show and its wonderful cast bring the characters to life – authentically for those who know and love them and vividly and brilliantly for those who don’t.

Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise


Every member of the cast is outstanding, and visibly having fun with such rich characters.

Julian Ramundi, The Brag