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Truth, Beauty and a Picture of You Review Quotes


Truth, Beauty, and a Picture of You isn’t into cosmetics: it wants to heal those who are broken.

Stenlake shines as Anton, a talent who has long denied himself an outlet for it.

Stenlake is the heart of the show

Stenlake and Irwin have excellent chemistry, and their muso ease and camaraderie livens up the Hayes

The soul of Freedman is on every King Street corner;

Lovell’s voice as love interest brings a sonorous sweetness to Freedman’s straight-talking honest lyrics.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

Tim Freedman songs many of which lend themselves to the project, oozing character, context and a sense of place. They also boast engaging melodies and are keenly enough crafted for the parts to hang together organically rather painstakingly.

Anton (Ian Stenlake) and Charlie (Scott Irwin), provide peaks of both writing and performance.

John Shand, SMH

It’s exciting to witness a new Australian musical come to life.

James Browne’s set surpasses all expectation of the confined space.

The cast itself was undeniably talented.

Ian Stenlake and Scott Irwin… are no strangers to the stage, and executed their roles with finesse.

Erica Lovell is bold and intense as Beatrice,

Ross Chisari, in his performance as Tom, who should receive most acclaim.

Ben Nielsen, Australian Stage

The trademark fiendishly clever staging and lighting was on display.

His songs are naturally dramatic, dealing with issues as eclectic as the perils of poker machines, loneliness and inner beauty.

If you were impressed with the Hayes Theatre Company’s first two outings you will also love this (inner) city (musical).

It is yet another feather in the crowded cap of the Producer/Director Neil Gooding. He helped found the Hayes Theatre with the aim of nurturing new musicals.

This certainly is a musical that would be a strong contender for a main stage production with one of our State based theatre companies.

David Spicer Stage Whispers

The theatrical and effective lighting by Richard Neville is an enormous asset to creating the right illusion of the world of the play

Andrew Warboys, in his very unique and superior manner, leads a vigorous and exciting sound

Mr Stenlake is electrifying, from the first instant

Kevin Jackson, Kevin Jackson Theatre Diary

It’s difficult to pick a standout from these three powerhouses of the stage [Ian Stenlake, Scott Irwin and Toby Francis] – they go from strength to strength and deliver flawless performances.

Freedman’s beautiful songs and sublime lyrics create a welcome nostalgia, the audience needn’t be fans to appreciate the stunning score.

Leigh Livingstone, Alternative Media Group

Musical’s emotional heart lies with Anton and Charlie

Stenlake in particular is excellent as the grizzled and potbellied Anton

Under the energetic baton of musical director Andrew Worboys, Freedman’s songs are as lyrical as ever,

Polly Simons, The Daily Telegraph

Ian Stenlake (Anton) and Scott Irwin (Charlie) do heroic work to transcend the plot’s limitations. They are very fine, as is designer James Browne’s evocation of a grungy pub in a raffish place.

The big drawcard of course is the songs Freedman wrote or co-wrote. To hear, among others, Been Away Too Long, Beauty in Me, I will Not Go Quietly and No Aphrodisiac performed so passionately by the cast and Andrew Worboys’s terrific band

Deborah Jones, The Australian