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The Tap Pack Review Quotes


The Tap Pack is a hugely enjoyable showcase for five of Australia’s leading triple threats
Rasmussen is a knockout soloist

Horsey, the veteran of the group has the acting chops to match his dancing
Ben Brown is a sharp comic with a soulful singing style
This is fun for the whole family

Elissa Blake, The Sun Herald

Spectacularly good
Rasmussen is a nuggety, forceful presence with rapid-fire speed; Egan’s flowing, sinuous style is elegant and sophisticated

Deborah Jones

The energy and passion of The Tap Pack is contagious
This show takes Australian tap dancing to another level with impressive cross-rhythms, and fast, hard-hitting beats
Egan once again pushes the boundaries with a flawless tap solo, and there was magic on stage when Horsey and Rasmussen have a Tap Off, showing the breadth and skill of both dancers
The Tap Pack has the right balance of drama, dance and humour and is superbly directed by accomplished theatre performer Nigel Turner-Carroll
If the aim of the game in show business is leaving the audience wanting more, The Tap Pack most certainly did that

Nicole Saleh, Dance Informa

Great numbers that romp and stomp across the stage
Unique and fresh
Particular standouts are Ben Brown as Junior, who dances and sings as if he was born doing it, and Jesse Rasmussen, who taps with all the power and punch of a bullet train
The band, The Tap Pack Bandits, led by Michael Dench on keys, are absolutely fabulous
The Tap Pack will have you swinging in your seats

Whitney Fitzsimmons, Stage Whispers