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The two young leading players – Bobbie-Jean Henning as Luisa and Jonathan Hickey as Matt – are charming, interesting finds. Henning’s clear top notes lend the production an authenticity and sweetness it would not have had without her; Hickey’s guileless performance is endearing

Aussie Theatre

musical directors Hayden Barltrop and Glenn Moorhouse, (have) given the score genuinely fresh and often powerful new arrangements, changing the instrumentation from acoustic piano and harp to electric piano and guitar.”

Jonathan Hickey as Matt and Bobbie-Jean Henning as Louisa both sing gorgeously and bring the requisite innocence and naive energy to their roles

Daily Review


The comic timing of the five actors is frequently engaging

As the narrator-cum-bandit El Gallo, Martin Crewes is suitably saturnine and sexy. His casual switches from violence to sexual danger are handled well and if the voice isn’t beautiful, it has character