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The Drowsy Chaperone Review Quotes


James-Moody has overseen the creation of a wholesome production: cleverly selected cast members, bubbly choreography (Monique Sallé, choreographer), and a deceptively lush orchestra (Paul Geddes, musical director).

Hilary Cole (Janet Van de Graff) wooed the audience with her voice, and Michele Lansdown was perfectly boozy in the titular character, The Drowsy Chaperone.

The Drowsy Chaperone was so genuinely entertaining

Ben Nielson, Arts Hub

(Hilary) Cole is vivacious and very funny… she is one of the most exciting new talents to emerged in Sydney musical theatre in the past few years.

Steven Kreamer and Richard Woodhouse are also standouts.

We need to take care of Hayes Theatre Co, and Squabbalogic, because with shows as warm and marvelous as The Drowsy Chaperone, they are taking care of us.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

In every department - direction, performance, design, choreography and music - there is complete understanding of the show’s style and wit.

(Jay) James-Moody is tremendous.

To name the successes would be to name everyone, including the cast of 15 and the six-member band.

Deborah Jones, The Australian

Taking on the double challenge of directing and performing this pivotal role, he [Jay] sustains directorial vision, and his performance, with panache

Always in on the gag is Monique Sallé’s cheeky, inventive choreography

Hilary Cole’s wide-eyed, glamorous ingenue Janet Van De Graaf is bursting with delicious feigned naivety, and she nails her showstopper ‘Show Off’.

Sound Designer Jessica James-Moody again ensures an excellent balance between the small jazzy behind-the-scenes band and the vocals.

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers

This is such a clever show

so utterly beguiling you'd have to be several days deceased not to be charmed by it

It's the second astute production for HTC and maintains the stratospheric standard set by Sweet Charity.

Jay James-Moody is spectacularly good

Hilary Cole is no longer up and coming - she's arrived

Tom Sharah is a revelation of bold comic timing and humour

The costumes, by Elizabeth Franklin, are a marvel of style

The Drowsy Chaperone is an absolutely wonderful night out

Stage Noise with Diana Simmonds

***** 5 Stars

Notes, accents and choreography are all bang on… and slapstick timing is immaculate

director Jay James-Moody does a marvellous job as ‘Man in Chair’

reels the audience into the whimsy of the Tony Award-winning book and score

Time Out Sydney

The set-up is a meta-theatrical conceit

James-Moody has assembled a terrific cast for this, young…fresh and talented.

Hilary Cole stands out as a stage starlet

Laurence Coy is very funny as the desperate producer trying to prevent her retirement

Brett O’Neill is very appealing as the dreamboat groom

James Moody anchors the piece perfectly as the nameless Man in Chair

Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison’s score is rattled off with the required pep and polish

The singing is strong, the comedy pitch perfect

It’s a very funny send-up of musical theatre and those Broadway fanboys

Elissa Blake, Sun Herald

***** 5 Stars

The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical, with fiendishly clever book

The distinguished, popular, enviably gifted, versatile Jay James-Moody has pretty much proved himself an outright genius with this one.

Hilary Cole; She’s an exceptionally good singer, with a voice both powerful and attractive

This production of The Drowsy Chaperone could be booked on Broadway without any embarrassment or hesitation

Lloyd Bradford Syke, Crikey