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Sweet Charity Review Quotes


Director Dean Bryant's conception of Sweet Charity shows how powerful it can be to have to think small.

Big Spender, always an ironic number, works a treat and Rich Man's Frug is a Surrealist delight thanks to Tim Chappel's costumes and Andrew Wallworth's splendid choreography.

Verity Hunt-Ballard is a shiny-eyed, exceedingly likeable Charity who carries the show with tremendous verve.

Martin Crewes, playing all Charity's men friends, is a super-sexy Vittorio, an over-nerdy Oscar.

Deborah Jones, The Australian


It is a thrill to see and hear performers of this calibre close up

Crewes smoulders archly as Vittorio and his playing of the neurotic Oscar is a delight.

Sweet Charity clicks.

Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald


Musical Theatre doesn't come better than this Sweet Charity, a smashing first-up hit at Sydney's new home of intimate musical theatre, The Hayes Theatre Company.

Dean Bryant and choreographer Andrew Hallsworth weave musical theatre magic to pare back this classic Broadway musical, losing nothing (maybe it even gains a little something) in an intimate space.

While it's nearly 50 years old, this fresh interpretation will have timelessness and vitality for newcomers.

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers


Verity Hunt-Ballard plays Charity, and played it she did, to perfection.

Crewes is an amazing character actor and hardly recognisable as the characters he played before.

The musical numbers were executed with flair, featuring wonderful singer/dancer/actors.

As an avid musical lover, there honestly isn't anything to fault in Sweet Charity.

Penny Spirou, Australian Stage


Crewes, is excellent. He achieves sharply differentiated physical and vocal characterisations.

An astonishing version of the American classic.

An intimate, immersive and enchanting evening.

Hunt-Ballard's award-winning acerbic niceness as Mary Poppins is a long way from Charity's naivety, which is also just one facet of a powerful and touching performance.

Dianna Simmonds, Stage Noise


..a buzz and immediacy that made you feel part of the action rather than a voyeur. And what action…

Andrew Hallsworth's snappy, sexy choreography...this highly entertaining production..

Hunt-Ballard infuses Charity with log fires of warmth, and then makes her spit and sizzle as the funny lines strike that warmth.

John Shand


Under Dean Bryant's direction, Sweet Charity becomes something real; something palpable

It is, in many ways, the Charity audiences know, but with the dial turned up ever-so-slightly

Verity Hunt-Ballard is revelatory as Charity

Charity's 11 o'clock number, Where Am I Going? mightn't normally be counted amongst musical theatre's greatest, but Hunt-Ballard imbues it with frustration and desperation (not to mention crystalline vocals), and forces you to hear the song afresh.

Martin Crewes is suave and swoon-worthy

Debora Krizak plays both Charity's world-weary friend Nikki and Vittorio's ultra-glam lover Ursula expertly.

Lisa Sontag is just as fiery as Helene

Shining as brightly as anyone in the cast is Andrew Worboys' musical direction

The words "must-see" are bandied about all too often nowadays, but this is a truly exhilarating experience.

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review


Director Dean Bryant and the musical director Andrew Worboys have crafted a new version of an American classic that fizzes with joie de vivre

Verity Hunt Ballard is simply wonderful as Charity

It's a top-notch effort for everyone involved, but the most wonderful thing is they've succeeded in making Sweet Charity feel fresh and new once again

Polly Simons, The Daily Telegraph


This is the most exciting revival Sydney has seen in years because it is revitalising in the truest sense

This production is a rough-edged lovable study of life under the average, standard, button-down routine

It's all glorious. Verity Hunt-Ballard is disarmingly vibrant

It's a real sight to behold, Charity is a near-perfect production Trust me, if you're not on this bandwagon yet, you should jump on it now before you miss it.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre