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Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland get absolutely everything right as Daisy and Violet. They move and sing as one so successfully it’s difficult to believe they haven’t been joined at the hip for most of their lives. While they’re entirely different people — Daisy yearns for fame and success, Violet yearns for peace and a family — there are moments in which they entirely blend into one, particularly when they sing in unison. … Bunting and Greenland tear
the roof off the theatre.” - Daily Review

Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland are so perfect, so radiant as conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton… The emotional connection is touchingly palpable, the women make the twins’ individuality shiningly clear and they are in scorching voice.” - The Australian

“At the heart of the production, Bunting and Greenland are both fabulous. They look like twins, move as if they have always been forced to live side by side, and sing superbly, their voices harmonizing well… convincingly portraying sisters who are devoted to each other – and unsure whether they really want to be separated – while remaining distinctively themselves… The terrific performances by Bunting and Greenland are well worth a look.” - Limelight

"Laura Bunting and Kerrie Anne Greenland are wonderful in portraying the Hilton sisters. Carroll has certainly succeeded in working with the actors to ensure that, in Daisy and Violet, the audience sees two distinct women, each differently natured and each with their own hopes and dreams… An entertaining night out anchored by excellent performances from Bunting and Greenland.” - TheatrePeople

“The cast is uniformly strong, but the heart of the show is the work of Laura Bunting as Daisy and Kerrie Anne Greenland as Violet. As well as providing soaring vocals in knockout duets “Who Will Love Me As I Am?” and “I Will Never Leave You,” the pair achieves particular success in crafting two distinct, and highly empathetic, characters... Committed performances from the cast land the story’s twists with great impact… Music theatre aficionados will appreciate the chance to see such an accomplished production of this Broadway rarity.” - Simon Parris Man In Chair