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It would be difficult to imagine a better cast than the one assembled for this production. Everything about this production looks and sounds chic… immensely powerful’ **** -  Daily Review


‘beautiful… It’s by turns funny, touching, sad and illuminating.’Stage Noise


‘The cast is one of the best ever assembled at the Hayes with the calibre of [Blazey] Best’s finely observed, generous performance, and [Hayden] Tee’s warm, loving approach to Lana creating an immediate sense of trust and excellence onstage. [Matthew] Backer…is one of our most compelling performers, and..he is lovely and caustic and worryingly conflicted. Newcomer [Ben] Hall, and [Tim] Draxl, thrive in their roles as romantic leads; the way Draxl says ‘mate’ could break your heart, and Hall’s face is almost unbelievably unguarded and expressive – you can’t help but care for him.  Shaun Rennie’s production is open-hearted but not sentimental, appealingly earnest and refreshingly, unselfconsciously Australian.’  **** - Time Out

Shaun Rennie's admirable new production of Alex Harding's musical manages to honour its sentimental streak while tapping underlying seams of anger, sadness and despair.’ **** SMH