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Miracle City Review Quotes


Glory hallelujah! Miracle City has been resurrected [and] has found a natural home at Hayes Theatre Co… Lambert and Enright’s songs are heaven, absolutely crucial to the show’s tightrope-walk between satire and seduction… The country-and-gospel score hits bullseyes again and again, as does the superb cast.

Marika Aubrey, Hilary Cole, Esther Hannaford and Josie Lane are all in knockout vocal form… And who knew Best could sing like that? She’s a revelation, as is young Cameron Holmes.

An absorbing evening created by a lavishly talented group of people.

Deborah Jones, The Australian

The work comes up shining in the intimate space of the Hayes… This production’s heart and soul is Blazey Best, who delivers a sublime performance… Mike McLeish is a perfectly charismatic preacher… Hilary Cole again shows her unique ability to delve into dark psychological places while singing angelically… Ricky-Bob is played by the young Cameron Holmes, who gives a powerful vocal and dramatic performance…  Esther Hannaford also excels as Bonnie-Mae, a young, troubled mother in desperate need of a saviour… It feels even more relevant today than it would have in 1996.

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

It is superb… Best is a masterful actress and a beautiful singer… Hilary Cole is a force to be reckoned with… Holmes a mature performer and a great find… Hannaford, Lane and Aubrey are a perfectly calibrated trio… Yap’s direction makes a sharp image out of a densely-cluttered landscape…  To bring back a work that we thought lost, that is collectively remembered as one of our best, is a true and magical gift… Miracle City is a triumph of Australian musical theatre and this production at the Hayes, when it swells to its conclusion, touches the sublime

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre