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“…Matthews and Aitken are both sensational. It’s a real thrill to hear Matthews sing in such an intimate setting… Aitken, who has the lion’s share of the acting as Melba, animates all the scenes she’s in… her performance in Melba announces a major talent.” ★★★½ – Jo Litson, Limelight


Melba is an experience not to be missed – pure and simple. …Caitlin Berry is hilarious…Adam Rennie is heartthrob material vocally and – um – otherwise… Andrew Cutcliffe is a dangerously appealing singer-actor. … Melba is a peach of a show.”Diana Simmonds, Stagenoise


“You know you've been sung at come the curtain call of Melba. I kid you not, my ears were ringing and I was strangely aware of the fillings in my teeth. Such is the vocal power of soprano Emma Matthews…Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


“…stand out performances come from Caitlin Berry as Nellie's best friend and benefactor, the gossipy socialite Gladys de Grey and Adam Rennie as Nellie's love interest Philippe D'Orleans.

 For opera fans and musical theatre fans alike, MELBA will definitely satisfy. A combination of classic works and new compositions, it is refreshing to see Australian stories told on Australian stages by an Australian cast and creatives.” Jade Kops, Broadwayworld


“Lyricist and book writer Nicholas Christo and composer Johannes Luebbers have cleverly crafted Melba… buoyed by a smartly structured book and some excellent vocal and dramatic performances in its premiere production at the Hayes Theatre.

 …Genevieve Lemon is as irresistible as ever as Melba’s teacher Madame Marchesi”Ben Neutze, Daily Review


“Opera meets musical theatre surprisingly effectively in Melba’s sound world. You have to hand it to Johannes Luebbers. Not many composers would have the chutzpah to put their music alongside that of Verdi, Puccini and Rossini, but he has done it in this new bio-musical with grace and style.

 Nellie — is played by up-and-comer Annie Aitken…with a lovely bright soprano and effortless presence. Melba — gets the gift of being incarnated by lustrous Emma Matthews.

 With Wayne Harrison (director) and Michael Tyack (music director) at the helm, Melba is given A-list treatment.” Deborah Jones, The Australian


“The original material is delightful, with scandalous details in Melba’s story providing an unexpected sense of titillation to proceedings. Director Wayne Harrison keeps us invested in the show’s characters and narratives, for a production that captivates at every point.

 Also noteworthy is Andrew Cutcliffe who successfully turns us against the forsaken husband Charlie. His creation of a persuasive villain for the piece, is efficacious, and impressive.” - Suzygoessee