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"a terrifically energetic, focused and charismatic cast” - Australian Arts Review

"MACK & MABEL is a must see, filled with emotion, joy, sadness, hope and heartache, iconic songs sung by some fine performers and creative choreography” - Broadway World

"Angelique Cassimatis and Scott Irwin lead the company beautifully in the title roles and find plenty of chemistry between them. Irwin’s broad and warm baritone leads the audience through this story in both song and monologue, and his whole performance resonates with a deep sense of regret and love.” - Daily Review

"director Trevor Ashley has delivered a production of Mack and Mabel that is about as slick and as entertaining as one can achieve” - Theatre People

"Aurally and visually, the show is a blast… Trevor Ashley has put together this production with a great deal of care – the sets and costumes are beautiful, the music is entertaining and the actors move effectively in the small theatre space."
"Angelique Cassimatis is a fire-cracker as Mabel, brimming with energy and sporting a hard-edged Brooklyn accent as she deftly navigates her character’s arc from Flat Bush delicatessen waitress to glamorous but troubled Hollywood star." - Limelight Magazine

"Cameron Mitchell’s choreography is playful, expansive, and somehow defies the logic of space as the ensemble flies seemingly forever across the tiny Hayes stage. The much-loved score is in the right hands, too: Bev Kennedy’s musical direction is bright, lush, and infectious – you’ll leave with at least one of the show’s songs stuck in your head.” - Time Out

"Deone Zanotto adds voltage to the show's grid as Sennett studio colleague Lottie Ames and her 'Big Time' feature is a highlight.” - Sydney Morning Herald