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Hayes Theatre Co Media Quotes


Any Australian with a passing interest in musical theatre knows that the Hayes Theatre Company, in their 110-seat Kings Cross venue, has quickly become one of the most significant forces for advancing the musical art form in this country.

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review


The Kings Cross venue, formerly the Darlinghurst Theatre, gives Sydney the great gift of an intimate home for musicals and cabaret; a 110-seater where new work just may have a chance of success

..there is little to match the thrill of theatre seen right up close.

Deborah Jones ,The Australian

A memorable night and an early benchmark for this promising new venue.

Jason Blake, The Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Musical Theatre lovers have a wonderful new home in the Hayes Theatre Co

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers

A great little venue which promises to be the permanent home of all things musical and cabaret got off to a cracking start.

..newly founded gem of a theatre.

Penny Spirou, Australian Stage

WALKING into the tiny theatre at Potts Point, home of the new Hayes Theatre Co, you are thrust straight into the world of Sweet Charity.

Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph

For the first time we have a theatre dedicated not only to musical theatre but to the best possible productions - creatively, musically, theatrically and artistically.

Hayes Theatre Company has now set a stratospheric standard and (some) commercial producers are on notice that they will no longer be able to foist any old cheap tosh on audiences.

Dianna Simmonds, Stage Noise

The minute you walk in the joint, the sophistication of the newly-dubbed and newly-renovated Hayes Theatre hits you.

If musical theatre needed a home in Sydney, it may have just found it.

Sweet Charity is as strong a starting point as the Hayes Theatre Company could have hoped for. It demonstrates the company's commitment to presenting the best musicals out there and using Australia's best artists

The Hayes Theatre Company lives up to its almighty promise, one day you'll want to be able to say you were there when it all began.

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

I haven't been this excited about musical theatre in Sydney for a long time and Hayes Theatre Company is the reason.

Polly Simons, The Daily Telegraph

A musical theatre revolution is coming, and its home is the Hayes Theatre.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

The most extraordinary theatre I’ve seen recently was Sweet Charity at the news Hayes Theatre Company in Potts Point. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited in the theatre. It was like Australia finally had what you’d call a version of off, off- Broadway. It had an incredible vibrancy.

Paul Capsis