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Everybody Loves Lucy Review Quotes


The book is lively and McCann is fearless and the music lands just right in the Hayes theatre space. The show is a light, bright, treat.

It's a really strong marriage of both idea and laughs, and it's evidence of the tight, impressive writing in the piece.

Cassie Tongue, Aussie Theatre

Everybody Loves Lucy is splendidly written, snappy and lean. Ms McCann simply becomes Lucy, taking us on her journey in character, without any cheesy cabaret narrative bits.

Helen Dallimore's deft, clean direction ensures a light, bright style, with splendid variation of pace, on the simplest of settings.

Everybody Loves Lucy is a delicious opening to the Hayes Theatre Co's initial cabaret season.

Neil Litchfield, Stage Whispers

Helmed with a pitch-perfect performance by McCann, and subtle direction from Helen Dallimore, Everybody Loves Lucy is equal parts amusing and bittersweet.

A fitting tribute to the paradox that was Lucille Ball.

Sarrah Le Marquand, The Daily Telegrapgh