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Blood Brothers Review Quotes


There's talent to burn in the cast – Bobby Fox, Helen Dallimore, Michael Cormick and Christy Sullivan

Helen Dallimore's Mrs Johnstone is the heart and soul of the show, as she should be. From vivacious teen to careworn mother of eight, she's terrific. Her biting Easy Terms is a highlight

Bobby Fox is excellent as the young Mickey

Christy Sullivan shines as Linda

Bronwyn Mulcahy is a suitably brittle Mrs Lyons, well supported by Phillip Lowe as her businessman husband

Jason Blake, Sydney Morning Herald


Bronwyn Mulcahy portrays the archetypal Mrs Lyons with posh accuracy

Michael Cormick is a suitably menacing presence and delivers a gutsy, assured vocal performance

Helen Dallimore manages to maintain ferocious, youthful energy and unfailing optimism which lends the production a deeper final tragedy

Blake Bowden and Bobby Fox’s Edward and Mickey are perfectly calibrated

Fox is all rough-and-tumble as Mickey

Bowden has the easy manner of Edward and he puts his bright tenor to great use, particularly in I’m Not Saying A Word

It’s the strength of the entire ensemble which makes this production a rich experience

Ben Neutze, Daily Review


This production has at its heart another marvellous actress-singer in Helen Dallimore

Deftly directed by Andrew Pole, the uniformly fine cast lights up

With Helen Dallimore’s delivery of the threnodic anthem “Tell Me It’s Not True” following the repeated motif throughout of the wry “Marilyn Monroe” (fabulous hidden four-piece band led by musical director Michael Tyack) the lump in throat and tears are not far away for most

A sobering, sad and amazingly satisfying way to end a great night out

Fresh, poignant and confronting

Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise


Michael Cormick’s voice is quite simply one of our finest

Jacqueline "Rock" Bublitz,


Blake Bowden gives his best performance yet

Cassie Tongue,