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Beyond Desire Review Quotes


Juicy elements of sudden death, family discord, forbidden love, the class divide and the supernatural

The score — heavily influenced by early 20th-century composers — is lush, melodic and gorgeously orchestrated - The colours are exquisite

Deborah Jones, The Australian


Excellent singing from various ensemble members, particularly Bowden, who is full of power and dexterity

Hannaford… has a beautifully light, seemingly effortless tenor

Chloe Dallimore is also compelling

Christy Sullivan is one of the best things about this production, bringing a sincerity to her role as Emily

Ben Neutze, The Daily Review


Nancye is a superstar figure… her role as the very cheeky housekeeper is so gratifying that it put a cheesy grin on everyone in the audience


The staging, music, and story were engaging and stimulating

An exceptional cast and a thoroughly enjoyable performance

Penny Spirou, Australian Stage Online


Kieran Drury’s music, which combines an Edwardian feel with contemporary resonances, is beautiful.

The set … works in the small space while the production boasts impressive performances from the entire cast.

Jo Litson, The Sunday Telegraph


The Hayes Theatre in Potts Point is named after musical theatre star Nancye Hayes, so it’s only appropriate the feisty septuagenarian should steal the show in her first role there. As Mrs Milson, the cook and family secret-keeper in Neil Rutherford and Kieran Drury’s clodhopping Edwardian musical mystery Beyond Desire, she is an absolute riot to watch

Rutherford has assembled an accomplished cast led by Blake Bowden, who is in fine voice as Anthony

Polly Simons, The Daily Telegraph