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CCR Productions in association with Hayes Theatre Co presents


By Natalie Garonzi and Rob Mills

Starring Rob Mills
Director Tyran Parke
Musical Director and Arrangements Andrew Worboys


After two sell-out performances during the 2015 Cabaret Season, Rob Mills returns with his smash-hit show. 

Sometimes when you live in the public arena, your life can be more eye-catching (or headline grabbing!) than your work. Reality TV, Twitter scandals and THAT incident with Paris Hilton, are all the stuff of Hollywood. It's easy for us to forget who the guy behind these headlines really is; a remarkably successful and consistently celebrated musician and actor, Rob Mills. 

Despite proving himself in the world of pop music, television and music theatre, Rob has amassed twelve years of reviews that revolve around the notion that 'considering we know him as that down to earth larrikin from Idol (or was it Big Brother?)... his performance was surprisingly good'...

Well this show is proof that these two things are no longer mutually exclusive. In this, his first one-man show, Rob reveals he can be both the irreverent personality who has charmed the nation on TV, as well as the skilled actor/singer he has proven to be through his extensive music theatre career. Let there be no further surprises, Rob Mills is one of Australia's most acclaimed young entertainers. 

And now the cabaret stage provides his perfect home. 

An irreverent, self-effacing look at the guy behind this extraordinary career, the show is much more than the standard cabaret fare. "Rob Mills is Surprisingly Good" is an eclectic mix of music and stories in an intimate setting, with a cracking band and the self-deprecating humour that we have learned to associate with Millsy. 

Musically, the show is as unpredictable as he is, covering artists as far reaching as Taylor Swift, Gavin DeGraw and Coldplay, as well as hits from several of the musicals in which he has appeared; The Last Five Years and of course, Wicked

Rob cut his teeth imitating great singers as a teenager in his garage in Wheelers Hill, Melbourne, and now it's time to claim his own voice in this dynamic, touching and unexpected one-man show. 


Friday 20 November - Saturday 21 November at 8.00pm

Running time: 70mins

Age Restrictions: Over 18 recommended

"Mills stunned the audience with his great vocals and superb acting, and charmed us with his open, funny and easy-going nature. An unsurprisingly well written, well directed and wonderfully performed show, Rob Mills is most definitely, and expectedly far better than 'good'." Bec Caton, Aussie Theatre

"He's a performer with a brilliant voice - it has power, richness and flexibility, charisma and passion, even a talent for vocal caricature." Cameron Woodhead, SMH

"Rob Mills Is...Surprisingly Good. It's a humble, slightly bemused premise on which to base a show (they're the words of critics of course), and it works. Mills is sensational, surprising East Coast audiences with his self-deprecating humour, natural musical ability and charisma. Anyone who has seen Mills in a musical theatre production, as Jamie (The Last Five Years), Fiyero (Wicked), Warner (Legally Blonde) or Danny (Grease), won't be nearly as surprised as the rest. Again, this time within the challenging realm of cabaret, Mills shows his mettle.Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment