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Brendan Hay in association with Hayes Theatre Co presents

Cruello de Vil in Dance with De Vil

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Musical Director - Benjamin Kiehne
Written by Jared Jekyll & Brendan Hay

After 22 years locked in the dungeons of Hell Hall come meet recently discovered playboy, son of a renowned Villainess and newly appointed King of fashion empire "House of de Vil", in his first public appearance to sing songs about Mummy - Cruello de Vil (@mrcruellodevil)!

“Dance with De Vil”, a collaboration between Sydney based comedian Jared Jekyll and emerging cabaret artist Brendan Hay (best known as Australia's Got Talent's Valère), delves into the delicate tale of the damaging effect of being the only descendant of infamous socialite and fashionista, Cruella de Vil.

The story revolved around Hay’s new alter ego, Cruello, and the mystery surrounding his sudden and somewhat unexpected re-emergence into society. High Fashion meets Fetish, Cabaret meets Glam Club Kids. Be prepared for many a song, many a dance, full musical accompaniment and perhaps even an interview with the Queen of Fur and Mother herself…

“Brendan Hay’s persona as the playboy son of Cruella de Vil is quite extraordinary” - Stage Whispers

“The writing is clever and well paced, and the performance a rich mix of outrageous humour and haunting beauty.” - Sydney Arts Guide

“Cruello de Vil (Brendan Hay) is equal parts playboy, high camp comedian, sultry torch singer and bawdy balladeer. Hay is a charismatic performer and completely transforms into the character. ”Dance with De Vil, a little bit hilarious, a little bit twisted and maybe just a little bit touching. Definitely a character to look out for.” - Aussie Theatre