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Hayes Theatre Co, Amazon Woman Enterprises and Queenie van de Zandt present


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For emerging artists 18 years and over

Including a public forum on Wednesday 4th June, and public performances on Saturday 14th June
As part of the Hayes Theatre Co Cabaret Season 2014

“Never before has there been a workshop like this in Australia. Queenie van de Zandt has a knack of bringing together the best in the business to be a part of her courses and she’s done it again with Cabaret Winter Workshop. What an amazing opportunity to work with the leading lights of the cabaret scene to develop your own cabaret show. I wish this had been around when I was starting out!”
David Campbell


Cabaret Winter Workshop - a 2-week course that covered how to devise, produce and perform your own cabaret show, led by cabaret and musical theatre star Queenie van de Zandt, along with a Who’s Who of cabaret in Australia including:

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“I maintain that just as everybody has a book inside them, everybody has a cabaret inside just waiting to get out. The cabaret form allows you to express your story, your ideas, your unique take on things. When a cabaret artist follows a path that intrigues them - that's the stuff that great cabaret is made from.” Queenie van de Zandt


he Cabaret Winter Workshop is a groundbreaking 2-week course designed to help you attain the unique skills needed to devise, produce and perform your own cabaret show. Over the course of two weeks at Hayes Theatre Co, you will learn all about the cabaret genre, cabaret styles and forms, what makes great cabaret, and the skills needed to devise, produce and perform a cabaret show, and come away with the first version of your own unique cabaret. You will also hear from and work with some of the leading lights of the cabaret world – performers, directors, writers, producers, musical directors, festival curators and publicists, who together will de-mystify the process of creating, performing and producing your own work.

The workshop will conclude with performances at Hayes Theatre Co as part of its annual cabaret season. Performers will have the chance to showcase their work and feel it come alive onstage in front of an audience of their peers, tutors and the people that book cabaret shows!


This workshop is designed for emerging and mid-career creators and performers, 18 years and over, from all over Australia, who are interested in cabaret and would like to know how to create, produce or perform a cabaret either for themselves or for a group. Maybe you have an idea for a cabaret show and want help to develop it or maybe you need help in sparking the idea – in either case, this workshop will work for you. Be you a singer, circus performer, songwriter, standup comedian, producer, actor or don’t fit into any genre, come along and take this unique opportunity to spend time developing your show under the guidance of the multi-talented Queenie van de Zandt and a Who’s Who of the cabaret industry in Australia.

It would be helpful to come to the workshop with an idea for a cabaret to develop and (if applicable) songs you’d like to sing in that cabaret. “But I don't have an idea for a cabaret”! You won’t be alone! Queenie and the other tutors will help you find a unique idea that you will conceive and develop during the workshop.


The aim is that you will complete the Cabaret Winter Workshop with:

  • An understanding of the cabaret genre and its history
  • Practical experience of creating a cabaret show
  • The skills needed to find great music to include in your cabaret
  • An understanding of the various styles and forms a cabaret can take
  • The writing skills and processes that will help you create your own cabaret
  • An understanding of the elements found in successful cabarets
  • Valuable contacts for cabaret festivals and venues around Australia
  • An outline of your own unique cabaret show

You will be given information and reference material on: the history of cabaret; cabaret venues and festivals in Australia; successful cabarets that can be used as a reference point; cabaret styles and forms; choosing the right material; where to find sheet music; and guidelines and processes for writing cabaret.

In week one you will learn about the cabaret form, what makes a great cabaret idea, and what performance skills cabaret demands. As well as Queenie’s expert instruction, you will have master classes, talks and forums with leaders in the field. These will include high-profile cabaret performers, musical directors, producers, directors, writers, curators of some of Australia’s largest cabaret festivals and venues, and publicists who will help you learn how to find an audience for your work.

In week two you will work with Queenie, a musical director and other professional cabaret artists writing, producing and performing a group cabaret show, which will be performed in front of a paying audience and cabaret professionals at Hayes Theatre Co.


This workshop is the first one of it’s kind in Australia. Four years in the making, it’s the brainchild of award-winning cabaret and musical theatre star – Queenie van de Zandt, who as well as having a 25 year career as a performer is also a highly sought after teacher. Queenie has taught at NIDA, VCA and BAAPA, and has a long history of helping performers of all ages land roles in professional musicals through her audition technique workshops. She brings to her work not only this wealth of experience but also her fine communication skills, her passion for the arts, her warm and positive nature and her wonderful sense of humour. To work with Queenie is an opportunity absolutely not to be missed.

On top of that, it’s the only cabaret workshop that exposes you to the most current, cutting edge cabaret performers, directors, producers, venue curators, musical directors and writers, all of whom have the skills and knowledge to set you on a successful cabaret career.


WHAT: Cabaret Winter Workshop
WHEN: Workshop 2nd –13th June, Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm, with public performances on Saturday 14th June
WHERE: Hayes Theatre Co, 19 Greeenknowe Ave, Potts Point, Sydney (with possible other venues)
COST: Early Bird Registrations: $1,760 (incl. GST)
FOR: Anyone over 18 years old, interested in producing, writing or performing cabaret 

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