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Blue Theatre Company in association with Hayes Theatre Co presents


By Matthew De HaasAKIO2

Directed by Jade Alex
Choreographed by Vanessa Morrison
Set Design by Matthew De Haas & Mariya Tkachenko
Costume Designer Julia Gorman
Lighting Design by Jessica Lowe
Sound Design by Vanessa Morrison
AV Design by James O'Brien

Cast: Kevin Clayette, Demitra Alexandria, Clancy Carraway, Chanelle Freeland, Jay Johns, Ashleigh Lindsay, Aaron Sweeten, Ellie Stewart, Khanh Trieu

Join Akio on an epic adventure!

A shy young boy who is bullied at school, he spends his waking hours immersed in his video games - the ONLY thing that can draw his attention away is Harumi, the girl of his dreams. One day, his adventure begins, a strange chain of events find Akio and Harumi sucked into his video game world, but Harumi is then kidnapped by a powerful, villainous creature! Akio has to save her... but where will he get his strength? Where will he find his bravery? How will he stand up and face fear head on? in his quest to rescue Harumi, Akio will meet wise friends and terrifying monsters, all the while learning what makes a hero, what defines a villain; and perhaps how the two are not so different after all. Through power of will and strength of heart, Akio learns the most powerful weapon of all...

Akio! is a physical theatre piece, which combines the crafts of acting, dance, choreography, movement, sound and audio-visual design, to tell a universal coming-of-age tale. Inspired by Japanese theatre-maker, Tadashi Suzuki and his philosophies of theatre performance and culture, Akio! is a marriage of cultures into one uplifting story of love, bravery, courage and discipline. Theatrically, it explores the beauty of the human body, as it weaves Japanese mythology and gaming culture into an adventure to be enjoyed by all ages.

Akio! is a celebration of childhood, of growth, love and learning to understand and accept your enemy in the face of viloence.  

Performances: Saturday 4 July - Sunday 12 July

Performance times 11.00am, 2.30pm, 7.00pm (check website calendar for daily sessions)

Suitable for ages 8-13, parents and the young at heart

Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.