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Reginald Murphy was the Alderman for Fitzroy Ward, 5 December 1959 until 13 November 1967.  He was a member of the 297 Murphy reginald 292x392Finance Committee, 1960-74 and its Vice-Chairman in 1962, the City Planning and Improvements Committee, 1960-67, and the Community Services Committee, 1969-74. He was a member of the Australian Labor Party.

It is not known when Reginald Murphy was born, but there are two possible births that could be him either in 1909 at Cobar or in 1910 at Tenterfield. In 1937 at Canterbury he married Mary (Molly) Pritchard who pre-deceased him. He died at his Hillsdale home, aged 85, on 28 October 1994, survived by his children Judy, John and Rita. He was interred at the Northern Suburbs Lawn Cemetery.


The Reginald Murphy Community Hall at Greenknowe Avenue, Potts Point, was named for him whilst still he was still in office in 1967.